Tips for Creating Vinyl Signs and Graphics

Signs and graphics made with vinyl are a great way to add an eye-catching touch to any surface. They come in various colors, weights, and finishes to match your marketing goals. The Atlanta sign and graphic experts at Capstone Signs & Graphics will help you find the perfect product for your needs and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a large-scale banner or smaller decals for giveaways, we have the right vinyl signage for you. We can also provide guidance on placement to ensure your signs comply with legal requirements while remaining attractive and effective.

Custom-designed Vinyl Signs are a powerful tool for business owners and nonprofit organizations to communicate with their audiences. These recognizable, eye-catching signs can be used for everything from birthday parties to grand openings and community events.

Cast, calendered and polymeric vinyl are all excellent options for creating a wide range of high-quality signs and advertisements. Each type of vinyl has its own unique qualities and is suited to specific applications.

Calendered vinyl is more affordable and is often a good choice for short-term or seasonal outdoor signage. It has a low gloss and fades a little more quickly than cast vinyl, but it is durable and long-lasting.

On the other hand, cast vinyl is a bit more expensive but it has a much larger selection of colors to choose from than calendered vinyl. It is also more resistant to fading and weathering in the outdoors.

Backlit Vinyl Printing is another option for custom signs, allowing light to pass through the back of the sign and highlight your logo or other design details. Available in both 15oz and 20oz seamless vinyl, our backlit signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor retail signage.

Magnetic Vinyl Decals are a great alternative to traditional adhesive-backed decals. They are perfect for displaying your logo on metallic surfaces and can be removed and reused whenever you like.

Clear Vinyl Stickers are an affordable way to promote your business or organization. They can be easily applied to windows, doors, or other smooth surfaces. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be ordered in bulk to enjoy discounts for multiple orders.

Using the Right Font and Size

For your custom vinyl sign, make sure you use a readable font that is easy to read from a distance. This will not only ensure your message is legible but also prevent customers from walking off and wondering what you are trying to say.

A professional designer can work with you to create vinyl signs that are unique to your company and set you apart from your competition. This is not a process that can be accomplished by ‘quick and easy’ template designs, as this will not give you the customized look and feel that your brand deserves.

We can design vinyl signs to display your hours of operation, contact information and other important information for your business. This will not only help you to be compliant with local and state laws but will also make your storefront stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. If you need high quality vinyl signs for your promotion visit

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